About Space Development Group

Space Development Group (SDG) offers unique expertise in creating spaces for food, drinks, and entertainment. We collaborate with Scandinavia’s leading real estate developers, transforming property spaces into exceptional meeting places where food, drinks, and entertainment are the focus.

With our extensive knowledge, we enhance property spaces to increase their value and promote profitability. We specialize in developing extraordinary concepts with a distinct personality that invites discovery and celebrates food culture. High-quality food always takes center stage, and is complemented by customer experience and entertainment.

Through innovation and knowledge, we create the next generation of restaurant halls. Attractive key performance indicators enable strong and stable profitability, where long-term sustainability and quality are in focus.

The founders and owners of SDG are behind projects such as K25 on Kungsgatan in Stockholm, Teatern at Ringen in Södermalm, and the newly established S2 at the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Solna.

Vision and Business Idea

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Business Strategy

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Our Team

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