Our Process

SDG offers a unique proposition – from the idea stage to launch day and beyond, we take responsibility throughout the entire process. We thoughtfully tailor each concept based on the specific conditions of the location and project. After opening, we actively continue to manage the restaurant concepts we develop. The goal is to create a profitable long-term investment for property owners and tenants.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study involves gathering fundamental data about the premises and the unique conditions of the location. Collecting and analyzing information provides essential insights for further development and successful implementation.

  • Premises and establishment conditions
  • Geography – country/city, catchment area
  • Residential/business ratio
  • Consumer flows – weekdays/weekends
  • Demographics
  • Competitive analysis

Investment Decision

In this phase, the financial framework and conditions required for the project are set. The goal is to create a profitable long-term investment.

  • Rental terms, lease duration
  • Discrepancies between incoming and outgoing rent
  • Establishment grants, property owner/investment
  • Overall financing/budget outline
  • Signing of agreements & establishment plan

Phase 1

The concept development, planning, and layout are formed in this phase. We optimize and refine the concept based on the unique conditions of the location and project.

  • Survey and measurement of spaces
  • Optimization of stakeholders & seating capacity
  • Concept development – based on preliminary study/strategy
  • Refinement of floor plans
  • Finalization of floor plans & technical drawings
  • Naming & brand identity
  • Development of sales materials, including renderings

Phase 2

With our solid industry experience, we create a complete restaurant collective customized to the concept. The selection process provides opportunities for a mix that is successful and profitable.

  • Start-up – sales process with tenants
  • Selection of restaurant operators for optimal dynamics
  • Select entertainment for an immersive experience
  • Development of lease agreements
  • Signing of contracts – tenants

Phase 3

In this phase, the project takes shape as the construction process begins. Common areas and kitchen details are outlined and contracted while adjustments and concept support for tenants are developed. Everything undergoes a final inspection, and we’re ready for the grand opening.

  • Start-up – construction & implementation (simultaneous with sales)
  • Schedule a date for the grand opening/inauguration
  • Procurement of contracts for common areas
  • Kitchen planning/detailed layout for tenant kitchens
  • Design and concept support for tenants
  • Investment decisions for tenant adaptations
  • Final inspections & launch

Operation &

After the opening, we actively manage the restaurant concepts we have developed. We collaborate long-term with our locations, focusing on follow-up, administration, operational support, and management.

  • Handover – operation & management
  • Procurement of daily operations – cleaning & dishwashing
  • Review & training of property-relevant procedures
  • Implement a marketing plan & social media presence
  • SDG manages and advises statistics on KPIs
  • Monthly rental & expense administration
  • Operational support & follow-up for tenants with “one-to-one” meetings
  • Monitoring of key metrics, monthly budget/actuals & analysis