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Running a restaurant is challenging, but managing a restaurant hall is even more demanding. SDG’s unique strength lies in the structure of our team. Our expertise extends from management to design to the creation of new meeting spaces. With our solid industry experience and insights, we create a complex restaurant mix that is both successful and profitable.

Currently, there are no defined competitors to SDG’s operations. We offer a distinct approach where we see the project through to fruition, from profitability assessments to space management. With innovation and expertise, we turn ideas into reality.

The work from our previous restaurant hall projects has provided us with invaluable lessons and established efficient processes. Our experience and competence in the restaurant industry warrant a deep understanding of the complexities when developing these spaces. We possess the knowledge to refine our concepts based on changing consumer preferences and technological advancements. This gives us the flexibility to create on-trend concepts with the promise of success and longevity.

As the creators and owners of SDG, we have been involved in projects such as K25 on Kungsgatan in Stockholm, Teatern at Ringen in Södermalm, and the newly established S2 at the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Solna.


Ricard Constantinou

Concept & Business Development

+46 70 929 99 80

Ricard Constantinou started his first restaurant venture at only 16 years old. For nearly 40 years, he has been developing, refining, and challenging the restaurant industry. Ricard cultivated his unique expertise in the restaurant trade through multiple facets, including owning his own bakeries, sausage production facility and restaurants, plus driving and developing fast-food chains. Ricard is an award-winning entrepreneur. His restaurants have, among other things, received 6 Golden Dragons and granted the Bib Gourmand distinction by the Michelin Guide. Ricard has also been personally presented with the Gold Dragon’s honorary award.

In addition to owning/operating more than 100 restaurants, Ricard has built and managed several restaurant halls. With his extensive experience in the food industry, Ricard constantly challenges conventional notions and recognizes the potential for what a restaurant hall can be.
For seven years, Ricard also served on the board of Visita, the industry and employer organization for the Swedish hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry.

He is the founder and owner of the well-known food chain Panini Internazionale and K-märkt, as well as the creator of several successful restaurant halls in Stockholm, such as K25 on Kungsgatan, Teatern at Ringen Centrum and S2 in the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia.


Michel Maiden

Operations Manager

+46 72 044 47 05

Michel Maiden continues to rely on his background experience as a chef and head chef at several restaurants to guide him in his current role as a results-oriented product developer and operational manager within the restaurant and food industry. Combining his expansive knowledge in establishing new ventures and enhancing quality, Michel acts as the cohesive link and communication channel between tenants, landlords, shared suppliers, and guests.

Michel partners with our selected restaurant brands and stakeholders, ensuring quality by overseeing local operational matters at our establishments. Additionally, Michel yields an impressive ability to identify and establish collaborations with new actors.

Throughout his extensive career, Michel has worked with renowned brands such as Panini, Gooh, Lantmännen, Berns, Printz, K25, Panini Internazionale, Vasakronan, Unibail Rodamco, Westfield and AMF Fastigheter.


Mikael Sköldmark

Business Development, Management & Legal

+46 70 696 11 73

Backed by more than 25 years of experience in both independent and chain restaurants, Mikael brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the culinary industry. Over the past decade, his primary focus has been on the development and management of restaurant halls. Here, he employs his comprehensive skillset to oversee contract matters, negotiations, and procurement within the business, in addition to handling leasing processes, regulatory compliance, and financial monitoring.

Beyond his professional work, Mikael is also the co-owner of multiple restaurants. Through his co-ownership of the meal chain Panini Internazionale and K-märkt, Mikael has a direct connection to the industry and understands the challenges and opportunities that a restaurant business entails.


Magnus Aurell

Construction & Facility Manager

+46 70 830 05 75

With over 20 years of experience in rental and commercial property management, Magnus has established himself as a prominent expert. He has successfully led several scaled property projects, where he held overall responsibilities for construction, establishment, budget and production.

Thanks to his impressive interpersonal skills, Magnus serves as a valuable communicator between tenants, municipalities, authorities, architects, subcontractors, and inspection consultants. And possess a solid knowledge of property law, making him well-versed in regulatory requirements.

Magnus has successfully conducted significant procurement processes in heating systems, energy consumption, waste management, and environmental development. In addition, he has been responsible for annual budget preparations and quarterly reporting for listed and privately owned real estate companies.

During his previous experience as a paralegal, Magnus worked in district court, administrative law, and tenancy boards. He combines his legal expertise with a deep understanding of the property industry’s challenges and potential.

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