Our Partners

SDG collaborates with the best property developers in Scandinavia. It is this expertise in real estate development that distinguishes us from the competition – and attracts customers. We transform real estate spaces into dynamic meeting places where food, drinks, and entertainment take center stage.




Unibail Rodamco Westfield


At SDG, we work with a long-term perspective. Forging meaningful relations is important to us. In fact, many of our partners have been with us for several years. Our shared experiences from previous partnerships have provided us with valuable knowledge and well-defined processes.

We understand trust leads to possibility. Taking internal responsibility for construction and development, while maintaining flexibility with our partners, allows us to customize each project based on the specific conditions and required design of the location.

To develop concepts, draw-up plans, and define project details for each location, we collaborate with the design agency Reactor and the kitchen planners at Storköksbyrån.