A vibrant melting pot

S2 | Mall of Scandinavia | Stockholm

Featuring thirteen restaurants and a café, S2 at the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia is a restaurant hall unique of its kind. Together, these niche establishments form a dynamic culinary collective, each with a distinct personality that offers high-quality menu concepts and exceptional customer experience. More than a restaurant hall, it’s a social hub that invites discovery and celebrates food cultures from all over the world.

S2 is best described as a vibrant melting pot where craftsmanship, social connection, flavor diversity, and classic culinary repertoire align. The interior is characterized by high-quality materials. Under one roof, you’ll find two levels, an impressive stage with a large screen, and parquet seating. Offering a range of performances, varying from stand-up comedy to intimate concerts and action-packed sports events. In addition, S2 offers seven karaoke rooms and a generous outdoor terrace with a well-stocked south-facing bar. There’s something for every taste and occasion. In other words, S2 is a pulsating destination that unites gastronomy, entertainment, and socializing in an irresistible way

210sqm outdoor seating
1800daily guests
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